Made in pink champions women in sustainability, who use their creativity and heart to change the world. As well as giving a shout-out to organisations, brands, and products made with care for people, and the planet.

Until fairly recently, I thought sustainability was largely about addressing climate change, and being eco-friendly. But it’s about so much more…

From ending poverty and hunger, as well as action on climate change the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals are far-reaching. And, necessarily so because they are inter-connected – you cannot hope to solve one problem, without tackling the others.

Take Gender Equality SDG #5. I truly believe that by prioritising this goal we would be able to embed sustainability within business and society, at greater scale and pace.

Women consistently outperform men in emotional intelligence, one of the top characteristics needed for sustainability leadership. And yet, feminine traits are so often undervalued.

I say, underestimate them at your peril; not only do they have the power to change the world, but they can help save it, too.

It’s time to be more girl!