Perfectly pink paints

Little Greene has launched a palette of perfectly pink paints. With eight shades in the collection, you can choose from the soft, delicate tone of Pink Slip, to the more dramatic Cordoba.

Little Greene Pink Paint, Cordoba and Blush, Pink Bathroom
Designed to work harmoniously together; Cordoba and Blush

Pink is IT

This range reflects pink’s increasing popularity in both fashion and interior design.

Leaving its Barbie-esque image in the rear view mirror, it’s become the Colour of the Millennials; predicted by the Pantone Colour Institute, which named Rose Quartz as Colour of the Year 2016.

Paint it pink this October

The launch was purposefully timed to coincide with breast cancer awareness month.

Continuing their longstanding support of breast cancer-related charities, Little Greene will donate fifteen pence from every can of paint sold to the Haven, an organisation which helps people deal with the side effects of breast cancer.

Greene by name, green by nature

Based on the outskirts of Manchester, The Little Greene Dye Works of Collyhurst Wood has been making paint since 1773, back when the fast flowing, pure waters of the Pennines was used to power the paint-grinding stones.

Still independently owned, they promise ‘unequalled depth of colour’ due to their high pigment levels, but what I particularly like about them is their ongoing commitment to the environment.

Some of the things they do to minimise their eco-impact, includes a virtually zero VOC content (which stands for volatile organic compounds and are best avoided!), the use of recycled materials for their packaging, and wallpaper which is made from sustainably sourced wood and printed using non-toxic pigments.

Little Green Pink Paint, Little Green Paradise Wallpaper
Paradise Pink limited-edition wallpaper

In association with English Heritage, they’ve also created a range of wallpapers, which are based on original documents discovered during the restoration of some of England’s finest historic buildings.

One of which is ‘Paradise’, now available in a limited-edition pink (featured above); featuring a 20th Century Chinoiserie design of exotic flowers and the mythical Ho-ho bird, the Japanese name for the Phoenix.

This fancy sunbird is said to be a messenger of goodwill (and we know that to be true because he helped out our friend Harry Potter, on at least one occasion.)

Anyway, enough of strange, imaginary creatures, Autumn’s here so I’m off to buy a couple of sample pots as I plan to paint the gallery wall in our kitchen pink, (I haven’t told Dave yet).

I’ll keep you posted!

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