Welcome to my rose-tinted world

As a country girl, I spend most of my time in wellies and up until now, brown has been the major colour in my life.

But, as I’ve found out, life looks a whole lot perkier when it’s made in pink.

Positively pink


It’s really hard to be sad around pink.

The many different shades can transport you from one end of the emotional spectrum, to the other.

From the serenity and calmness of rose, to the excitement and passion of hot pink. It’s a colour that inspires positivity.

Millennial pink

In recent times, it’s shaken-off its somewhat Barbie-esque reputation.

Now, wholeheartedly embraced by some of the world’s top designers, it’s gained rockstar status.

Millennial pink is being hailed as the colour of our time – even Harry Styles has been rocking a pink suit.

And, while the debate goes on as to whether it was originally for boys or not, it has without question, been adopted by many women as their signature colour.

So, as well as discovering beautiful things, I want to share some of life’s general rosiness; from fabulous food and fashion, to fiesty females – everything you need for a life in pink (well, almost).