Too hip for bottle-shaped water bottles? Try one of these…

Saw it. Loved it. A BPA-free, reusable, recyclable Hip water bottle.

Like a hip flask, it’s kinda of flat compared to a standard water bottle. Handy, as it fits nicely into your bag or garter, (although not the cup holder in your car).

It has a clear Tritan body which is super-light, with a lovely pink silicone sleeve (although, apparently other colours are available..?).

And, with a secure cap lid that twists on and off, it’s not gonna leak all over your gear. (Dishwashers like them, too.)

Hip, hip, hoorah!

When you buy one of these pretty flasky-bottles, the nice people at Hip provide two days of safe drinking water to a person in need, through their partnership with Water For People, (so maybe get two).

Even more reason to cheer!

Hip water bottle £14.95

Great little guy to have in your water bottle arsenal! It’s lightweight with a nice grippy side. It sits flat and doesn’t roll around like a traditional bottle. Plus, I like that you can see the bottom to make sure it’s clean!

Amazon review, 2018

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