We’re having some seriously hot weather here in the UK.

This calls for two things; bikinis (although you can’t get a leg wax for love nor money at the moment, unless you’re Meghan Markle), and ice cream.

When I saw this recipe for rose ice cream by Natasha at Salt & Lavender, I was seduced. It looks so pretty and uses one of my favourite ingredients, rose.

Rosewater was used in Britain for centuries, until vanilla came along and became the flavouring of choice. But as with skincare, rose is back in vogue thanks to our interest in Middle Eastern cuisine and chefs like Ottolenghi.

Here are the details…

You’ll need:

170ml whole milk

100g white sugar

450ml whipping cream

1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

60ml (4 tbsps) rose water

1 drop natural pink food colouring

What to do:

Put the milk and sugar into a large bowl and using a hand mixer, combine until the sugar has dissolved (this usually takes about 2 minutes).

Add the remaining ingredients and continue to mix until completely combined.

It’s better to add the rose water in a tablespoon at a time – tasting as you go (the concentration can vary depending on the brand you use).

Once you have just the right amount of rosiness in your ice cream, pour the mixture into your ice cream maker and leave it to churn for about 30 minutes (depending on your machine).

You can serve immediately (don’t forget to share) or put in the freezer until it has a firmer consistency.

Sunshine and delicious rose ice cream – perfect for watching Wimbledon in your bikini.







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